The School offers the following programmes:


  1. Bachelor of Science (Agriculture)
  2. Bachelor of Science (Dryland Agriculture)
  3. Bachelor of Science (Horticulture)
  4. Bachelor of Science (Range Management)
  5. Bachelor of Science (Dryland Animal Science)
  6. Bachelor of Science (Foods Nutrition and Dietetics)
  7. Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management & Entrepreneurship)
  8. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Education & Extension)


  1. Master of Science (Agricultural Resource Management)
  2. Master of Science (Livestock Production Systems)
  3. Master of Science (Agronomy)
  4. Master of Science (Mammalian Physiology)
  5. Master of Science (Reproductive Biology)
  6. Master of Science (Rangeland Resources Management)
  7. Master of Science (Agricultural Economics)
  8. Doctor of Philosophy (Agricultural Resource Management)
  9. Doctor of Philosophy (Agricultural Economics)
  10. Doctor of Philosophy (Animal Science)


  1. Diploma in Range land Management
  2. Diploma in Agriculture
  3. Diploma in Animal Health
  4. Diploma in Crop Protection
  5. Certificate in Animal Health and Husbandry
  6. Certificate in Artificial Insemination and Fertility Management
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