Department of Agricultural Sciences

  • BSc. Agriculture
  • BSc. Horticulture
  • BSc. Dryland Agriculture
  • BSc. Dryland Animal Science
  • BSc. Range Management
  • BSc. Agricultural Education and Extension
  • BSc. Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship
  • MSc. Livestock Production Systems
  • MSc. Agricultural Resource Management
  • MSc. Agricultural Economics
  • Ph.D. Dryland Resource Management
  • PhD. Animal Science
  • PhD. Agricultural Economics
  • Ph.D. Agronomy (to Deans Committee)

Food Science, Nutrition and Technology

The department has the following programmes:

  • BSc. Food Nutrition and Dietetics (Operational/Revision)
  • MSc. Food Science and Nutrition (External Reviewer).
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