Dr Stephen M. Wambua, PhD

Education: PhD Agricultural Sciences (Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany), MSc. Agricultural Economics and BSc Agriculture (University of Nairobi).
Agricultural economist teaching diverse units in BSc. Agriculture, Range Management, Dryland Agriculture and Dryland Animal Science and MSc. Agricultural Resource Management.
Some of the recent course units taught include:
•    Markets and marketing of Agricultural Products
•    Agricultural marketing and international trade
•    Quantitative methods in Agricultural Economics
•    Intermediate Microeconomics/Intermediate Macroeconomics
•    Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
•    Principles of Resource Use and Management
•    Agricultural Policy and Law
•    Production Economics and Firm Management
Research Interests.
•    Natural Resource  and Economics and environmental economics with emphasis on household energy use pollution, resource use, conservation and climate change
•    Development economic; sustainable development and poverty reduction; poverty indicators, measurements and management of programmes for improved household livelihoods
Mtei K., Ngome F.A., Wambua S. and Becker M. (2013) ‘Assessment of Technology Options Addressing Agricultural Production Constraints in Western Kenya’, Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences Vol 3 (3), (2013) 222-234

Börner J., Mburu J., Guthiga P. and Wambua S. (2009), ‘Assessing opportunity costs of conservation: Ingredients for protected area management in the Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya’, Forest Policy and Economics 11 (2009) 459–467

Mbuvi, M., Wambua, S., and Ayiemba, W. (2007), ‘Assessing the social and economic costs and benefits of protected areas: The case of Arabuko-Sokoke forest reserve, Kenya’, A report prepared for the Poverty, Environment and Climate Change Network, CARE International, Nairobi, September 2007.
Workshops/ Seminars Presentations
Wambua, S., Wünscher,T. and  Wollni, M. ( 2011), ‘ Determinants of Household Fuel Use and Options for Fuel Switching in Rural Western Kenya’, A poster presented at the TROPENTAG, 2011, October 5-7,  Bonn, Germany.
Ongoing Research