Dr. Benjamin K. Muli, Ph.D

Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Management (Agricultural Entomology) North West University, South Africa; MSc. Zoology (Agricultural Entomology), Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology; BSc. Agricultural Education and Extension, Egerton University.
Some of the course units taught include:
    Crop protection courses (Agricultural Entomology and Plant pathology)
    Crop production course (both annual and perennial crops)
    Agricultural Extension
    Plant breeding
Research Interests
Insect pollinators and enhanced agricultural productivity
Recent Publications
Nguluu, S. N., Karanja, J. , Kimatu J.N.,  Gicheru, P.T., Musimba, N., Njiru, E., Kathuli, P., Nzioki, H., Akuja, T., Muli, B.K.., Nzombe, N.N. (2014): Refining Dryland Farming Systems as a Means of Enhancing Agrodiversity and Food Security in Eastern Kenya: A review. Journal  of  Advances in Agriculture 3(1): 142: 149
Recent workshops/ Seminars included
August 2015: midterm review workshop for EDULINK II PROJECT FED 2013/320-148. Theme: Towards effective teaching of agriculture. Kampala, Uganda.
Ongoing Research
i.    Optimizing pumpkin production and value addition for food security under the changing climatic conditions in Kenya
ii.    Focusing Global Technology to Magnify Honey Bee Impacts on the Food System; The East African Model